Friday, February 24, 2012

Hide The Children.

If I had to work with the shitbirds that populate the Esurance office, I’d key every car in the lot every damned day.

But that commercial doesn’t take the cake as my recent favorite. You know it, you love it, too: the McDonald’s radio spot that portrays Pit Bulls in a ferocious light.

I sent a link to my blog entry about it to the advertising agency that crapped out this winner, asking them to pass it along to the copywriter who wrote it. And after checking the analytics to my blog, I saw he had a chance to read what I had to say. Hope he enjoyed it.

By the way, the other day his premise suddenly hit me: a Chicken McBite is better than a Pit Bull bite. I see! And it only took me two weeks to get it. Congrats, asshole.

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