Monday, October 31, 2011

Hollywood Halloween Party: An iPhone™ Photo Gallery.

My friend Mocean, a big voiceover guy, threw the party, and put all of his showbiz friends to work to make it happen. Set designers built these two bridges across his pool, a film composer was the DJ, and I helped spell my friend Jeff, a fellow actor, behind the bar when he needed breaks. I poured blackout levels of liquor.

Halloween was the occasion, but the theme was “blasphemy.”

Here's my friend JW, browsing an insulated coffin filled with beer. The book he's holding is titled An Expecting Father.

My friend Bru did us the embarrassing honor of wearing his penis costume out to a sushi restaurant for our pre-party dinner. This cute little girl came right up to him and asked what he was dressed as. That's Bru telling her he’s a squid.

Bru, our friend Gary and me. I went as MacGruber. My mullet was fake, but the stubble was real. After ten days of not shaving, my beard had the consistency of a toilet brush.

As if lugging around this giant pot weren’t punishment enough, Plant Guy kept getting watered by people.

In honor of the return of “Arrested Development,” Tobias Fünke blue himself.

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