Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Favorite Tweeter.

Maybe you haven’t yet ventured into the Twitter universe yet. Or perhaps you have, if only to remind yourself why you never go on Twitter. I get it – everyone there bores the pants off you.

But I say give it another shot. And start by following one guy: Dan Harmon. Dan is the creator and head writer of one of the best shows on TV: “Community.” I read a recent article in which Dan was asked what one thing he would change one thing about TV, and he thought the 22-minute sitcom format was too limiting; not every story can be wrapped up in that time frame.

And for the time being, Dan squeezes every bit he can out of 22 minutes. “Community” is one of those rare shows that was hilarious right out of the box, with episode parodying a TV or film clichĂ©, like buddy cop or romantic comedy. My life won’t be complete until I land a co-starring role.

Dan is also a dedicated, loveable Twitter genius, and he hit for the cycle Friday night while he was out drinking. Here are three consecutive tweets from him:
  1. New pitch, SC Johnson: Smelling salt scented floor wax.
  2. My sentiments exactly, young man. (With this accompanying pic.)
  3. There was a guy at the bar doing a Walken impression so bad we are now at a bar across the street. #LessCowBell
Drunken goodness from a sitcom Jedi knight. And he kicks butt sober as well. Follow him.

*Note: after posting this entry, I received this direct message from Dan:
“Thank you. Very flattering.”

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