Friday, July 16, 2010

I Take A Vicarious Vacation With The Guy Who Stole My Credit Card Number.

Five purchases yesterday. We’re having a bitchin’ time.

We’re staying at the lovely Panorama Latina Hotel, in Meta Italy. You sure don’t get views like this in prison.
Damage: $305.28

Brunch in the hotel’s restaurant. Another glass of Barolo? Why not – it’s on me.
Damage: $312.21

Let’s blow this four-star joint and head over to Bar Kollo, where everybody knows your name. And your three-digit security code.
Damage: $201.67

After the local brew gives us an extreme case of the munchies, we hit Billa Superstore, where the “billa” is more than my rent.
Damage: $461.68

Committing international fraud is really making us hungry, so back to Billa. Is there an express lane for 1500 items or less?
Damage: $675.70.

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, Fredo.

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