Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Hawk The Interweb.

It was an honor to shoot the commercial for the career-changing website, seeing as I’m the world’s biggest Internet fan. Well, almost the biggest – if it weren’t for spam. By the way, I'm comfortable with the size of my penis, I don't care that young girls want me, I've got more than enough insurance, and I can't help you escape from a jail in Ghana. So, please, go jam somebody else's in-box.

This was one of the most efficiently-run sets I’ve ever been on, and I was surprised how far we finished ahead of schedule. Then I learned that the director was a former college and Pro Beach Hockey player (hello, 1998 ESPN2 programming), and it all made sense. I’ve always said: when given the option, shoot with former athletes. They know how to kill a clock.

I’ll let everyone know when this commercial is up and running, and more about the career website when it launches. It’s a really good site that helps you test your aptitude, and provides financial assistance if you decide to go back to school. Word of advice: if you happen to land yourself a big interview, never quote Brat Pack movies to your potential boss. Trust me.

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