Thursday, October 16, 2008

It’s Not Always Sunny In Los Angeles.

I have a steadfast rule when it comes to missing an acting class or workshop: a funeral is the only legitimate excuse.

I’ll amend that rule with any event in which cops and EMTs block my driveway after a neighbor commits suicide.

The nice couple that owns the house next door have had a slew of tumultuous tenants the last couple years. Wednesday night the latest derelicts decided to party ‘til it was Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon, my cute blonde neighbor stood on the railing of the balcony of the house second from the right. Somebody called the police, and as they arrived, she smiled and dove off. I wondered what the thud was, then decided not to get too close when the EMTs almost jumped out of their shoes when they arrived and saw the mess.

So there, somewhere inside that police tape is my car, trapped, along with my excuse for not attending a workshop for the first time ever.

I suppose that during these trying economic times we haven’t seen the last of episodes like this. Anyone else feel that constant edge in the air?

I’m prescribing to all my friends a nice, autumn weekend in which we chill. Promise.

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