Thursday, July 17, 2008


My friend, Jim Gleason, an actor who's had roles on shows such as "Curb Your Enthusiam," also plays guitar for a band called The Generics. He has a gig this Saturday night at The Cat Club at 11:45.

Come for the music. Stay for the t-shirts.


the2ofme said...

Love the the name and the t-shirts. Very clever. They should sell ones for their following that says FAN.

the2ofme said...

This is the first time I can honestly say I love the "Vocals" without hearing them.

Jeff said...

"He wanted her to sign from her diaphragm! That could take YEARS to learn!"

Jeff said...

That's SING from her diaphragm.

Michelle Auer said...

I LOVE the T-Shirts! How cute!

And I agree with the2ofme a shirt that says "FAN" would be perfect! And they could send one in their press kits that says Critic! (Or would that be taking it too far?)

the2ofme said...

CRITIC would be awesome, Michelle. I say take it as far as you can. For instance:


The possibilities are endless.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is he the guy on Curb who tells Larry that if the airline ticket belonged to him it would read "Fucking Douchebag"? Looks a little like him but hard to tell.

Matt Shevin said...

Actually, he was one of the guys that yelled at Larry for using the handicapped stall in the bathroom.

In a slightly more honorable role, Jim played the young priest opposite Robert Duvall in The Apostle.