Monday, December 15, 2008

People Who Could Use A Good Shoe Thrown At Them: A New Ongoing Series.

Talk about bad luck. That Iraqi cat who hurled his Adidas at Bush yesterday – if only he’d been born in the U.S. With an arm like that he'd grab $161 million over seven years from the Yanks.

The guy’s got stones, and I give him credit for having them (I won’t credit him for originality, however – my mom was throwing shoes at my brothers and me long before him), which got me to thinking: there are a whole host of people I’d like to send a message to, via my kicks.

Today: Jeff Zucker, President of NBC, who gave Jay Leno a new five-day, 10 p.m. weeknight timeslot, thus lessening the number of scripted shows that will air on his network. And reducing that many acting opportunities for folks like me.

You kill me, sir. Do you really choose the bottom line over terrific shows like “Life?" Do we really need more wacky newspaper headline desk pieces? Or Paris Hilton musical numbers? Please.

Don’t make me get my steel-toed Timberlands, Zuck.


Anonymous said...

Ramdom Task is a true prophet! I mean really, who throws a shoe anyway!!!

Matt Shevin said...

And you didn't even leave a lump there, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

My question for the Secret Service--how did the guy get that second shoe off and hurled at the Preznit?

Matt Shevin said...

My guess: the A-team has already moved on to Barack.